User Test


This is the best way to guarantee the effectiveness of your interface.


The User test is a method for finding design errors during the final stage in a design development, or after the product has been launched. It involves target-group test users carrying out specific tasks by interacting with your product.


The purpose is to gather user-performance data (time on task, user-success rate, types of error), and satisfaction data (e.g. questionnaire data). Observe and register problem areas of the interface that keep users from successfully carrying out common actions, and provide appropriate design solutions.


Collecting all the information regarding the user experience with your product will provide insight into the weak and strong points of the interface, and ultimately allow redefinition of the product design and/or structure in accordance with the users' needs. Visual demonstrations of redesign solutions are provided to ensure a better user experience after redesign.

When to apply

Pre-release - Product Launched