Prototype Testing


Helps you, at an early stage in development, to find out whether the product meets your users' needs and expectations.


It is a very effective method for finding design errors at an early stage in product development, when functionalities are in basic form, or not yet implemented. This testing method involves target-group test users to carry out specific tasks on the prototype of your product.


The purpose is to collect user-performance data, satisfaction data at a point in the development process when changes are relatively cheap and easy to implement. We work on identifying particular areas of the user interface that present problems to the user, and subsequently provide design solutions eliminating these problems.


Designs are evaluated on the basis of test results that will ultimately lead to the focus of a next design cycle. Changes do not involve reprogramming or redesigning your whole product. Since modifications can easily be applied in the next design cycle, the time and cost involved will be lower as compared to having to implement them when all functionalities are already carried out. Visual demonstrations are provided of redesign solutions for the improvement of the user experience.

When to apply

Sketching & Designing - Construction