Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much time is involved in a Usability Analysis?

    On the average, it takes approximately three weeks to complete a project (from scope definition up to release of report).

  • How long does an Expert Review take?

    Depending on the size of the site, the findings will be made available to you within one to two weeks.



  • What makes your method different from other usability testing methods?

    We carefully measure and analyze test users' scanning and clicking behavior and listen to what they say. In-depth analysis of recorded data enables pinpointing usability weaknesses and objective recommendations for improvements.

  • Where does testing take place?

    Usually, on the clients premises, but elsewhere if desired. Sotopia has experience with testing in several European countries as well as in South America.

  • Where do the test users come from?

    Typically, Sotopia recruits - with the client's approval - participants from among the target group of the product.

  • Why do you use 5 to 8 test users per evaluation?

    With a group of this size per target group, all major usability problems can be detected. The number would have to be increased significantly to achieve a relatively small increase in the number of problems recognized.

  • At what stage in the development of a web site, or any other interactive product, would it be advisable to start testing?

    The earlier, the better! It can be initiated at almost any stage. We offer a whole range of usability-testing products which are specially intended to ensure the usability of your product during all its development phases.

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