Just released: Designing Emotions in Online Travel

Five reasons to buy this book:

- Sell more trips online using emotional design
- Find out which emotions are important during the online booking process
- Learn how to evoke emotions online
- Find out how to optimize your booking process
- Get to know new online travel applications to tie customers

This book, a case study based on empirical research (online surveys and in depth interviews), proves that consumers judge the attractiveness of a product or service based on their own perception, feelings and emotions.

In a journey through the emotional stages of people while booking a holiday online it becomes clear that facts and figures aren't enough. People want a journey through the senses.

Tickling one’s imagination through visuals, colours, and engaging functionalities is the key to designing for emotions. The secret is when and how in the booking process this should be done.

Price: € 49,95 (incl. shipping)
Autors: Soraia Cardoso & Ren¨¦ Vaartjes
ISBN: 9-0902-1413-5
Publisher: Sotopia
Copyright: © 2008 Sotopia Standard Copyright License
Keywords: booking, user interaction, design, senses, travel, emotion