Here you can see an overview of Sotopia's clients and projects.

ESA logo

European Space Agency - the Netherlands

User Interface design of the Innovation Triangle Initiative website and web based application based on a practical research of common usability principles of human computer interaction.


Vodafone logo
Vodafone - International/Germany
International usability study of the Vodafone mobile service Pocket Connect ("Push e-mail"). The study focused on the qualitative aspects of the Out-of-the-box experience and first time use of pre selected 3G mobile phones. The primary goal of the study was to verify the degree of difficulty that participants experienced when registering and installing the "Push e-mail" service for the first time.

Nokia logo - Finland
Comparative study in four cultures: Multicultural concept testing, usability testing and focus groups research of the prototype for entertainment. Sotopia's part of the research took place in São Paulo (Brazil), the others took place in Shanghai (China), London (United Kingdom) and Los Angeles (USA).

Usability study with the purpose to optimize the wording of the life style themes and values in the "Phone Finder" tools on so that they better reflect the words of users.

T-Mobile logo
T-Mobile International - Germany
Usability Testing of the Dutch version of the T-mobile website. Advice of redesign solutions for the design/interaction problems which kept users from optimally perform their tasks and achieve their goals.

Prototype testing (after implementing the redesign solutions based on the outcome of the previous usability tests).

Shell logo
Shell - the Netherlands
Prototype Testing of an E- learning package and Usability testing of an E- learning Management System with target group users. Redesign of solutions for the design/interaction problems which kept users from optimally perform their tasks and achieve their goals.

Fujitsu Siemens logo
Fujitsu Siemens - International

Usability Testing of the Fujitsu Siemens SME website. Participants were asked to perform predetermined tasks with the goal to give their own insight and opinion about the content of the website. The main focus was to gain insight on how to improve the existing web site according to the demands of real users from the IT business.

Hunkemöller logo
Hunkemöller - the Netherlands

Panel study and focus group research with representative users of the web prototype of Hunkemöller's online shop. The focus of the research was on the overall user satisfaction and perception of the layout, design, information architecture and use of language.

Vertrekpunt logo
Vertrekpunt - the Netherlands
Website (Travel) Expert Review based on Usability Heuristics. Website Redesign based on web usability best practices.

Elmar logo
Elmar Reizen - the Netherlands
Website (Travel) Expert Review based on Usability Heuristics. Layout recommendations for the redesign of the main menu, homepage and the online ticket/holiday discovery and purchase pages.

Eneco logo
ENECO Energie - the Netherlands
Card Sorting study with target group users in order to optimize the general information architecture of the "Consumenten", "MKB" and "Zakelijk" websites. Design of a static prototype applying the findings of the study both in the information architecture and in the general page layout.
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Ministry of Flanders logo
Ministry of Flanders - Belgium

Development of the user interface design and guidelines of the Research Report DataBase System Software, which allows the ministry of Flanders to manage their research information.

Logo Unicris
uniCRIS- Switzerland

Cooperation on the Development of the interface design of the Research Report Database System Software for the Ministry of Flanders.

Redesign of the Website applying usability/user interaction best practices.

ING logo
ING Bank - the Netherlands
Usability Analysis of the website: a site for buying and selling funds online. Design of a static prototype with design solutions based on the findings of the analysis.

Sapienza logo
Sapienza - United Kingdom / the Netherlands

Usability Workshop on how to apply usability testing and iterative design methods throughout the development of web based/software applications.

Production of a user design styleguide defining rules for creating web based applications. Its purpose was to determine the action and appearance of interactive components including the use of colors, graphics and fonts. The use of this styleguide will guarantee a uniform look & feel of the applications and ensure that users can quickly become familiar with its logic and functions.

Moniforce logo
Moniforce- the Netherlands

Review based on Usability Heuristics of a web based application to monitor the actual real-time performance of Internet users. Redesign of the problematic issues and improvement of the overall user interaction.

EPKN logo
European Police Knowledge Net (EPKN-LSOP) - the Netherlands

Card Sorting study with target group users in order to develop an information architecture structure for the web based navigation of the police knowledge network between the Dutch and all European police organizations.

Map Your Mind logo
Map Your Mind - the Netherlands

Expert Review analysis. Redesign and optimization of the information architecture, main navigation sub navigation and overall user interface.

SATS logo
S.A.T.S Sports Club - Sweden/Norway

Target group user research and Usability Testing of the S.A.T.S Sports Club websites (Norwegian and Swedish versions). Development of a functional prototype to be applied in the redesign of both sites based on the outcome of the research and testing.

GEC logo
gec conocimiento en red- Spain

Usability testing and focus groups research for the portal of the Catalan Public Administrations --> CAT365.

solomotor  logo - Spain

Questionnaire research and monitoring of website redesign. Prototype testing and design recommendations based on the outcome of the tests.

CPS Color - Brazil

Prototype testing of a portal specially designed for color specialist (architects, interior designers, etc.).

Millennium BCP logo
Cidade bcp - Portugal

Usability testing with target group users of the online banking system of BCP - "Cidade bcp", actually called"Millennium bcp".